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What are you gonna             DO about it? 

        This is the question posed by former Congresswoman, state legislator, and political activist, Jolene Unsoeld in her political biography.  What are you gonna do about it?  Stories of a hopeless meddler is an exploration of how this question drove her to accomplish what she did during her decades of political crusading.  In Jolene’s own words from the book’s introduction,

This is not a comprehensive blow-by-blow account of my career in politics. I have chosen, instead, to tell my story as a series of essays and talks I have given: stories of my days as a citizen watchdog activist, of my two terms in the Washington State House of Representatives, and the three terms I served in the U.S. Congress. And finally, a selection of talks from my ongoing work on a variety of issues dear to my activist heart.

           As for why Jolene wrote this book, she makes this very clear! 

I want my writing to serve as a spark to motivate young people to take part fully in the world of human affairs. Each chapter will hopefully present a lesson, or provide a glimmer of what worked for me. This will guide how others— you, for instance— can take on important issues and succeed!

In other words, this book is another of Jolene’s efforts to make the world a better place.

Stories of a hopeless meddler
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